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Impac Services is New Zealand’s leading provider of safety and risk management solutions. We are trusted suppliers to many of New Zealand's leading public sector organisations, SOEs, corporates, regulators and law firms whilst our training services are accredited by NZQA, NEBOSH and IOSH.

 Our mission is to protect people at work and prevent serious incidents through providing:

  • Safety Leadership  - Safety starts at the top and Impac provides a full range of safety leadership solutions, including: safety leadership workshops, coaching, strategy development, culture assessment and governance reviews

  • Training to enhance safety knowledge and skills (including managers, representatives, and safety practitioners)

  • Health and Safety systems and advice that deliver the processes and support to manage risk to as low as reasonably practicable (with particular emphasis on controlling "critical risks") and drive continuous improvement

  • Health and Safety Software for the new legislation to meet your due diligence requirements

  • Contractor Management for prequalification of contractors health and safety systems to indicate their ability to perform work is aligned with good practice

  • Audits and reviews to offer assurance that systems / controls are working and recommendations for continuous improvement

We offer a “one-stop shop” to our clients, with a full range of professional services, whether it is outsourcing health and safety management, ad hoc consulting advice, health and safety training for staff, training for health and safety professionals, health and safety auditing or health and safety software solutions.


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Hazard recognition, 30/10/15

A construction safety researcher told SIA delegates that neither workers nor managers are as skilled at hazard recognition as the researchers assumed, but that interventions they devised and tested boosted hazard recognition under test conditions to close to 80 percent.

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Rep numbers unrecorded, 30/10/15

One of the dilemmas facing MBIE in the development of the transition training framework must surely have been the absence of any formal record of health and safety rep numbers.

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What does safety leadership look like? 30/10/15

“You might be driving the wrong culture in your organisation because you don’t trust the people to make the right decision in the absence of rules.”

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